donderdag 25 december 2008


zaterdag 13 december 2008

Golden Rule

It is written:
"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." Matthew 7:12, King James Version.

Rather or better:
"Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you" Analects 15:23

donderdag 27 november 2008


There is no better loss than to lose myself in you.

donderdag 6 november 2008

zondag 26 oktober 2008

Shine on you Crazy Diamond

Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom,
Blown on the steel breeze.
Come on, you target for faraway laughter,
Come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!
You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
Shine on, you crazy diamond.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision,
Rode on the steel breeze.
Come on you raver, you seer of visions,
Come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

woensdag 22 oktober 2008

Dead Man's Chest

Jack: What did the bird say?
Leech: Do not blame the bird. Show us what is on that piece of cloth there.
[Jack the monkey jumps down, grabs the piece of cloth and starts to run away. Jack shoots him.]
Gibbs: You know that don't do no good.
Jack: Does me.
Marty [picks up the piece of cloth]: It's a key.
Jack: No, much more better. It is a drawing of a key. [pause] Gentlemen, what do keys do?
Leech: Keys...unlock things?

zondag 5 oktober 2008


Tonight you're gonna overload your mind
move into another world there for you online
a high speed chase that leads to the unknown
time will disappear so fast for you and you alone

a universe in isolation
feeding your imagination

no one cares about the role you play
generations lost in space a million miles away
life moves faster than the speed of sound
you think you've got complete control
it makes your world go round and round

digital communication
feeding your imagination

coded warning now you're falling into overload
countdown started, no way out, hit the motherlode

the power that you crave for more and more
you try to understand the things that you are fighting
for when multichannel meltdown gets to you
you'll reach the breakpoint, when it's over
what you gonna do

seeing your determination
feeding your imagination

coded warning, now you're falling into overload
countdown started, no way out, hit the motherlode

a universe in isolation
feeding your imagination
you're looking for a new sensation
gotta find a real sensation

coded warning, now you're falling into overload
countdown started, no way out, hit the motherlode

into overload

--Uriah Heep

woensdag 24 september 2008


woensdag 17 september 2008

dinsdag 16 september 2008

Life is fine

I feel fine.
I will not think of tomorrow.
I will put on my nice clothes today.
I will forget my pain and my sorrow.
And I will not mind what my neighbors say.

maandag 8 september 2008

zaterdag 6 september 2008


woensdag 3 september 2008

zondag 31 augustus 2008


Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state.
-- S. Pavlina

donderdag 28 augustus 2008

woensdag 27 augustus 2008

maandag 25 augustus 2008

zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

The next moments

The next moments of my life
I will strive my own strife,
knowing finally that I am me
and what and who I could be.
I will choose my own friends,
clothes not by fashion trends,
and my wavy hair shall be
as long or short as I dare.
They will go on calling me
by my old name, taking care
not to take it in vain
but I will not strain
to gain fame
or shame.

The next moments of my life,
will not be idle or boring,
they will be full of strife
but will not be despairing.
I will not count the cost
and will be completely lost
in whatever I am thinking,
but knowing what I'm doing.
And I will have no dreams
or nightmares, and it seems
I will be fast asleep
and will never weep,
being all right
at night.

The next moments of my life
will be ...

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

Ayn Rand - Playboy Interview, 1964


"Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect."
-- Jesus of Nazareth

"On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time."
-- George Orwell

zaterdag 16 augustus 2008


Not knowing what will happen next makes life more interesting and exciting.

woensdag 13 augustus 2008

Nothing else

Reality is made up of thoughts. Whatever you or I think about it. It's how we look at it. See it. Make of it. Make it. Life is just what you make it. Nothing else.

maandag 11 augustus 2008

Thinking is contagious.

Positive or negative. People can sense our aura and are affected by our thoughts.

zaterdag 9 augustus 2008

What makes it so pleasurable?

The thought of being desirable?

donderdag 7 augustus 2008

Cést la vie

To work today
In the warm sun,
And to dance and play
Until the day is done.
And at night to sleep
In my cozy bed, ooh wee.
Then morning would creep
Fresh and alive like me
That's my life, c'est ma vie!

To work today
And have some fun,
And then dance and play
Until your energy is gone.
Sleep, the darkness is come
To wake up before everyone,
How real stupid and dumb.
But are you really happy?
That's life, c'est la vie!

zaterdag 2 augustus 2008


"The poison and corruption begin when you look to one person as your authority, your guide, your saviour."
-- J. Krishnamuti

There are no saints

Only sinners. Nobody is perfect.

vrijdag 1 augustus 2008

I learn something new

and interesting from everyone I meet.

maandag 28 juli 2008


What is eternal life?
Is there death at all?
Isn't there nothing else
but energy?
What is energy?
Is it not the one all-embracing,
motivating force
at the root of all activities of life?
Isn't there only just life
that is continually
being born from within?
What is death?
What is the difference?
Or is there life or death at all?
Isn't there just one energy?
One intelligence?


zaterdag 26 juli 2008


What I am saying is this:
There is no such thing as truth.
But truth is paradoxical
And full of contradictions.
Well, yes that's true.

Anyone knows truth is non-existent.
Therefore nobody can find truth.
And why bother to seek truth.
This is what I am saying.
And yes that's true.

donderdag 24 juli 2008


HARBORMASTER: If you're rolling scuppers in this tub, you're either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

JACK: It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide.

Click title for the movie script.

woensdag 23 juli 2008

More Koans

While you are dying,
Knowing you are still alive.
Make the most of it.

Water is cooking;
Suddenly it boils and boils.
Coffee, you and me.

Looking at the stars,
Planting both feet on the ground,
Tell me what you see.

If you're really wise,
Why do you have ambitions?
Mind your own business!

Dementors - Wiki

dinsdag 22 juli 2008

maandag 21 juli 2008

zondag 20 juli 2008

donderdag 17 juli 2008

I'm too busy

To worry about what people think or say about me.

woensdag 16 juli 2008


I've been very busy.

maandag 14 juli 2008


Just walk when walking;
Just sit when you are sitting,
But don't lose your mind.

My grandparents lived,
My father lived, mother too.
What happiness, this!

For anybody
Without choice and does not choose,
His life is easy.

Knowing who you are,
Being who you know you are,
What is the question?

zondag 13 juli 2008

Knowledge is power

Awareness is freedom.

zaterdag 12 juli 2008

The Truth

There is no truth. There is only perception.
-- Gustave Flaubert

Big deal! As if I didn't know that.


Pardon me but I don't trust people who had communication with the Devil.

vrijdag 11 juli 2008

donderdag 10 juli 2008

woensdag 9 juli 2008

There are no Masters

Only Slaves. Don't give approval to get approval.

dinsdag 8 juli 2008


Haiku is a way of looking.
-- Basho.

Basho once said that haikus must be written in the same way a child of six writes. In other words with the same artlessness, rediscovered and developed after much mental effort.

zondag 6 juli 2008


Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events which occur in a meaningful manner, but which are causally un-related.
-- Wikipedia

Standing up for your self can make you a nicer person

If it makes you feel better.

zaterdag 5 juli 2008

You are perfect as you are

but a little self-improvement wouldn't do you any harm.

vrijdag 4 juli 2008

Life is but a dream

How to make your dreams come true. Keep on dreaming. And believing in your dreams.

woensdag 2 juli 2008

I sometimes make exception to any rule

More often than seldom.

dinsdag 1 juli 2008

The present life is strange enough

And I am cool, reserved, or indifferent. It depends on the situation.

maandag 30 juni 2008

zaterdag 28 juni 2008

Life is learning

Perhaps we are meant to teach each other something and lots of other things as well.

woensdag 25 juni 2008

Why it is difficult to say no sometimes

It is. Unnice yourself. Or don't be too nice. Don't seek approval. Don't be too eager to please. And don't apologize for anything you say or do. And above all, don't be intimidated. Don't be afraid.

maandag 23 juni 2008

There are no predators

Only victims. Protect yourself at all times.

zaterdag 21 juni 2008

The Unnamable

"He who desireless is found
The spiritual of the world will sound.
But he who by desire is bound
Sees the mere shell of things around."

A poem

Long ago, the delicate tangles of his hair...
covered the emptiness of my hand...

Would you like to hear it again?
-- Angelica, Joe Versus the Volcano.

donderdag 19 juni 2008

Not one. Not two.

But one and two. Body and mind are not two. They are not one. They are one and two.

Nonsense! Stupid zenmaster!

woensdag 18 juni 2008

What you think is what matters

To you. What I think is what matters. To me.

dinsdag 17 juni 2008


Reality the way we see it is just an illusion, no matter how right we are.

maandag 16 juni 2008


This afternoon on my way home I became aware of the Big Mind that is present in everything. That makes things possible. That looks after me. I am never alone. In fact I am not there at all. There is only this Intelligence. And the awareness of it.

zondag 15 juni 2008

I love you!

I hate you! It happens everyday.

vrijdag 13 juni 2008

We are made up of thoughts

I think therefore I am. Cogito ergo sum. Je pense, donc je suis.

woensdag 11 juni 2008

maandag 9 juni 2008

zaterdag 7 juni 2008

vrijdag 6 juni 2008

Morning Breakfast

Jacques Prevert

He put the coffee
Into the cup
He put the milk
Into the cup of coffee
He put the sugar
Into the cafe au lait
With the little spoon
He stirred
He drank the coffee
And he replaced the cup
Without speaking to me
He lit
A cigarette
He made rings
With the smoke
He put the ashes
Into the ashtray
Without speaking to me
Without looking to me
He stood up
He put
His hat upon his head
He put
His raincoat on
Because it was raining
And he left
Without one word
And me I placed
My head in my hand
And I cried.

donderdag 5 juni 2008

How to use Caricature Studio

Without registering. Run Caricature Studio. Use Alt-F4 to get rid of the pop-up. Make a caricature. Do a screenshot and save. Cut to size.

woensdag 4 juni 2008

Caricature Studio 3.0

It's shareware. But you can always use it. Watch out for adware. Please check. Try Alt-F4 if you can't close the pop-up.

dinsdag 3 juni 2008

Ho una fume da lupi

It means I'm hungry like a wolf. Mi mangerei un cavallo. I can eat a horse.
I cooked a paksoi with fried onions and eggs. It's one of my original recipes.
Paksoi and sopropo are two of my favourite vegetable. And they are very expensive.

maandag 2 juni 2008

zondag 1 juni 2008

Just sitting

My dance partner hadn't been coming to learn for two or three weeks. I was forced to just sit and to watch the others dance. Kim, who felt sorry for me, offered to be my dance partner but I turned her down, saying it would be awkward and embarassing for her to dance with a beginner.
Anyway I tried to be there and to have fun just watching everyone, and listening to her conversed with a guy called Jan, who appeared to be a locally known singer-entertainer. I don't go to any of these events so I have no idea who he really is.
This week I damaged my mp3 amplifier-loudspeaker by applying to it a higher voltage than required. I tried to repair it but failed. So I decided to convert one of my pc speakers into one. Fortunately I managed to. It sounded much better than the one I had.

zaterdag 31 mei 2008

The dangers of obsessive love

"Obsessive lovers believe that only the person they fixate on can make them feel happy and fulfilled."

vrijdag 30 mei 2008

donderdag 29 mei 2008

woensdag 28 mei 2008

"If you always do what you've always done,

you'll always get what you've always got."

dinsdag 27 mei 2008

The Ten Commandments

14 For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:
15 Lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land, and they go a whoring after their gods, and do sacrifice unto their gods, and one call thee, and thou eat of his sacrifice;
16 And thou take of their daughters unto thy sons, and their daughters go a whoring after their gods, and make thy sons go a whoring after their gods.
17 Thou shalt make thee no molten gods.
18 The feast of unleavened bread shalt thou keep. Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, as I commanded thee, in the time of the month Abib: for in the month Abib thou camest out from Egypt.
19 All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among thy cattle, whether ox or sheep, that is male.
20 But the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him not, then shalt thou break his neck. All the firstborn of thy sons thou shalt redeem. And none shall appear before me empty.
21 Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest: in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest.
22 And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks, of the firstfruits of wheat harvest, and the feast of ingathering at the year's end.
23 Thrice in the year shall all your menchildren appear before the LORD God, the God of Israel.
24 For I will cast out the nations before thee, and enlarge thy borders: neither shall any man desire thy land, when thou shalt go up to appear before the LORD thy God thrice in the year.
25 Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven; neither shall the sacrifice of the feast of the passover be left unto the morning.
26 The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of the LORD thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk.
27 And the LORD said unto Moses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel.
28 And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant, the ten commandments.

Exodus 30:14-28, KJV

maandag 26 mei 2008

What you think is what matters

The highest status is inner not outer. Believe in yourself. You don't need status symbols.

zondag 25 mei 2008

It's all about status

Why? Put on your thinking cap.

zaterdag 24 mei 2008

Inhoudsopgave van de 48 wetten van de macht

1. Overschaduw uw meerderen nooit
2. Vertrouw niet te veel op uw vrienden, gebruik uw vijanden
3. Houd uw ware bedoelingen strikt geheim
4. Zeg altijd minder dan nodig is
5. Van uw reputatie hangt veel af: Verdedig uw reputatie
6. Vestig ten koste van alles de aandacht op uzelf
7. Laat anderen het werk doen en strijk zelf de eer op
8. Laat anderen altijd naar u toekomen - gebruik desnoods lokaas
9. Winnen doet u met daden, nooit met woorden
10. Blijf uit de buurt van wie altijd ongelukkig is of wie altijd pech heeft
11. Maak mensen afhankelijk van u en hou dat zo
12. Ontwapen uw slachtoffers met selectieve eerlijkheid en edelmoedigheid
13. Speel als u mensen om hulp vraagt in op hun eigenbelang, niet op hun medeleven of dankbaarheid
14. Doe u voor als vriend, ga te werk als spion
15. Vermorzel uw vijand
16. Dwing meer respect af door er niet te zijn
17. Houd anderen in spanning; creëer een sfeer van onvoorspelbaarheid
18. Bouw geen vestingmuren om u heen: isolement is levensgevaarlijk
19. Weet met wie u te maken heeft; kwets niet de verkeerde persoon
20. Bind u aan niemand
21. Sukkels vangt u met sukkels: doe u dommer voor dan uw doelwit
22. Pas de overgavetactiek toe; zet onmacht om in macht
23. Bundel uw krachten
24. Speel de volmaakte hoveling
25. Herschep uzelf
26. Houd uw handen schoon
27. Mensen lopen graag gedwee achter het vaandel aan - maak daar gebruik van
28. Treed doortastend op
29. Overweeg en heroverweeg alles tot de laatste stap
30. Wek de indruk dat alles u moeiteloos afgaat
31. Hou uw mogelijkheden voor uzelf - laat de anderen met de kaarten spelen die u geeft
32. Bespeel de fantasie van de ander
33. Zoek voor de ander de duimschroef die hem past
34. Wees op uw eigen manier koninklijk; gedraag u vorstelijk om ook vorstelijk bejegend te worden
35. Bekwaam u in de kunst het juiste ogenblik te kiezen
36. Minacht wat u niet kunt krijgen, negeer het; dat is vaak de beste wraak
37. Zet een fascinerend spektakel op touw
38. Denk wat u wilt, maar gedraag u als de anderen
39. Roer in het water als u vis wilt vangen
40. Versmaad de gratis lunch
41. Treed niet in de voetsporen van een illustere voorganger
42. Sla de herder, en de kudde valt uiteen
43. Bewerk hart en geest van de mensen
44. Maak uw tegenstander machteloos en razend met het spiegel-effect
45. Predik de noodzaak voor verandering, maar hervorm niet te veel ineens
46. Wek nooit de schijn volmaakt te zijn
47. Schiet het doel niet voorbij; weet van ophouden
48. Word vormloos

Translation: The content of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene and Joost Elffers.

Click title for a short summary in English.

vrijdag 23 mei 2008

If anything can go wrong, it will

"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong."
"Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way".
Murphy's law. Also called Sod's law. Or Finagle's law. Whatever.

donderdag 22 mei 2008

Never too late

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been. ”
-- george eliot

woensdag 21 mei 2008


“We Do noT believe in oUrselves UnTil someone reveals ThaT Deep insiDe Us someThing is valUable, WorTh lisTening To, WorThy oF oUr TrUsT, sacreD To oUr ToUch.”
– e.e. cummings

maandag 19 mei 2008

Life is but a dream

Dream on. Try lucid dreaming as well.

zondag 18 mei 2008

How to win friends and influence people

The number one bestselling book of all times next to the Bible. Written by Dale Carnagey. Click title for a summary.

zaterdag 17 mei 2008

Luck is getting the right advice

Surround yourself with success models.

vrijdag 16 mei 2008

dinsdag 13 mei 2008

Being attractive has nothing to do with pleasing others

You don't have to kiss butt to be attractive. In fact eagerness to please is not attractive and is counter-productive.

Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

maandag 12 mei 2008

Jij bent mijn leven - You Tube

I saw Thomas Berge perform this afternoon in Delfzijl. The weather was bright and very warm. And there were lots of people. He looked good; he appears to be very popular. Carola Smit & Friends performed before he did.

zondag 11 mei 2008

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

To avoid embarassing situations.

"We create ourselves by words"

...Writing is a way of growing. No one would argue that being able to write will make you morally better. But it will make you more complex and more interesting—in a word, more human.
-- The New Oxford Guide to Writing.

zaterdag 10 mei 2008

How to tie a sarong

I bought a sarong today at the braderie in Delfzijl. I used to wear them during my volunteer work at the refugee camp in the Philippines. This one is not made of cotton but rayon, which is lighter. It's made to look like batik, dark green, brown and black in colour. Made in Thailand.

donderdag 8 mei 2008

The more you fight it the stronger it becomes

Newton's third law: for every force there 's an equal and opposing force.

woensdag 7 mei 2008

dinsdag 6 mei 2008


The local pastor came to see me today. He wanted to find out how I was doing. So I tried to talk about my life in the last six months. I told him I haven't changed a bit. I'm still the same super-confident person he met last year.
Then we proceeded to theologize together. To talk about deeper spiritual things. Naturally I went into my automatic mode and started telling him what I really thought about religion in general and Christianity in particular. Things that I myself never heard of before. It's like I was possessed by some spirit that knew of deeper and sublime things under heaven. I spat everything I thought and felt on the ground and stamped on it. And told him it was all meaningless and useless.
He remained calm and full of understanding. As if he knew exactly what I was talking about. Moreover he offered me help and support if I needed some.

Good writing has personality

"Don't be afraid to express your own opinions and feelings.You are a vital part of the subject. No matter what the topic, you are really writing about how you understand it, how you feel about it."
-- The New Oxford Guide to Writing.

maandag 5 mei 2008


vrijdag 2 mei 2008

Presence is the absence

of discomfort. But if you feel anxious, afraid, or miserable, don't try to push the feeling away. Just be aware of it. This is called endurance.

Alone again

I just came back from bringing my guests away. We had a good time together anyhow.

woensdag 30 april 2008

You are the buyer

Don't sell yourself.

dinsdag 29 april 2008

Everybody just wants attention

Pay attention. But lean back. Never communicate neediness.

maandag 28 april 2008

The Internet is the Center of the Universe

It used to be the Library.

zaterdag 26 april 2008

Love is blind

Looking closely at people's faces, I realized most ot them weren't perfect. One girl was a bit chubby. Another had too many moles on her face. And still another had a lot of pimples. The girl I considered to be the prettiest seem to be a bit on the skinny side.
Why didn't I notice these things before? I guess I worried so much about my own appearance that I forgot to look closely at other people.

vrijdag 25 april 2008

Life is strange

I don't know what I'm going thru.

donderdag 24 april 2008

Love is a hurting thing

Don't fall in love too easily. And don't be a wussy.

woensdag 23 april 2008

dinsdag 22 april 2008

Dangerous men, adventurous women

Good combination. Perfect relationship.

maandag 21 april 2008

Femme Vocale - You Tube

I forgot to tell you about the music entertainment we received last Saturday at the party. It was from a three-women group called Femme Vocale. They sang acapella, which is quite difficult to do I know. I had a few glasses of red wine and turned tipsy right away. So I attempted to sing with them as soon as they hit our table. I guess it wasn't bad and embarrassing at all; I didn't hear anybody complain. We sang a James Taylor number called You got a friend.

zaterdag 19 april 2008

Sexual love is not separate from sexual desire and sex

A love affair is based on sexual desire and need for sex. Don't be fooled. Women want it as much as men do. Do men give love to get sex? Do women give sex to get love? Or is it just the other way around? Women need sex to become fruitful and be fulfilled.

vrijdag 18 april 2008

donderdag 17 april 2008

Self-absorption is a sign of insecurity

Say what you have to say. Do what you have to do.

dinsdag 15 april 2008

How to turn people into slaves

Pretend you are Somebody. A god or a guru. Insinuate that everybody wants you. That you are the only one who can fulfill anybody's needs. Be extremely attractive. Try to look and act like a famous movie star or a popular singer. And don't give a damn.

Everybody wants a lover

To love and be loved. But why? Play hard to get and you turn them into wussies. Nobody wants to be rejected. Are you strong enough? Or are you just plain stupid?
Nature is just trying to trick us into having a long-lasting love affair. It's called neediness. Or being needy for a romantic and sexual relationship. Turning everyone into wimps.
I bet you can take care of yourself better than anybody else.

zaterdag 12 april 2008

What you think is what matters

Don't let people tell you what to think, how to feel and what to do. Be happy.

vrijdag 11 april 2008

donderdag 10 april 2008

Emotions are contagious

Be happy, make friends, and influence people.

woensdag 9 april 2008

dinsdag 8 april 2008

The Cottonelle Puppy

Make sure your firewall is working. In case you install it.

zondag 6 april 2008

zaterdag 5 april 2008

"Women can smell an agenda like shit on a shoe"

Be desireless. The Tao of Steve.

Life is a rollercoaster

Be a rollercoaster tycoon.

vrijdag 4 april 2008

What I am learning so far

I'm learning how to live alone. To take care of myself. To love truly and deeply without becoming obsessed. To wait and to be patient. To find out what true love is. To care for the other like she were my daughter. To protect her and make her feel safe and special. But not to cling to her. To be her friend. To be a man and to be strong. Not to be one of her girlfriends. To enjoy our short moments together. To take responsibility. To be true and faithful. Not to alienate her friends. Not to embarass her. Not to be needy. Not to bribe her. To show how much I love her. To give her spice and drama. Not to bore her. To be there for her. And enjoy myself.

donderdag 3 april 2008

woensdag 2 april 2008


dinsdag 1 april 2008

Neediness is attachment

It shows weakness.

maandag 31 maart 2008

zondag 30 maart 2008

zaterdag 29 maart 2008

donderdag 27 maart 2008

You can become more and more attractive

Without worrying about your looks. Hopefully.

woensdag 26 maart 2008

dinsdag 25 maart 2008

Things just happen

We think we are in control most of the time. And sometimes we are.

zondag 23 maart 2008

We create reality

Thru our beliefs.

zaterdag 22 maart 2008

Who said it's going to be easy?

Don't be discouraged. And don't look desperate. No matter how.

vrijdag 21 maart 2008

How to overcome megalomania

Be selfish. Don't be holy. Don't be perfect. Don't be humble. Don't follow blindly. Don't imitate. Don't try to save humanity. Don't be a martyr. Don't be a terrorist.

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Matter is energy

Energy matters.

woensdag 19 maart 2008

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

maandag 17 maart 2008

zondag 16 maart 2008

zaterdag 15 maart 2008

Is romantic love an illusion?

I don't care. I'm in love and I'm giving her spice and drama. We both love it. And we're growing up.

vrijdag 14 maart 2008

donderdag 13 maart 2008

Routines can be brain-deadening

Try something new everyday.

woensdag 12 maart 2008

Life is what you make it

So don't complain. Well yes, some people are more lucky.

maandag 10 maart 2008

You have important things to say and do

Don't be desperate. And don't act out of desperation.

zondag 9 maart 2008

Blessed are the rich

For they can pretend to be brave. And humble.

Just improvising.

zaterdag 8 maart 2008

Zen Koans

"When cold, be thoroughly cold; when hot, be hot through and through."

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vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Girls just wanna have fun

Boys too.

donderdag 6 maart 2008

woensdag 5 maart 2008

"Reality is an illusion that occurs due to the lack of alcohol"

Don't forget to drink. But don't drink too much.

dinsdag 4 maart 2008

maandag 3 maart 2008

Sometimes you don't want to learn

Force yourself to learn new things.

zondag 2 maart 2008

People are masters of illusion

Don't be deceived.

zaterdag 1 maart 2008

vrijdag 29 februari 2008

donderdag 28 februari 2008

Ode on a Grecian Urn

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," - that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.

woensdag 27 februari 2008

maandag 25 februari 2008

zondag 24 februari 2008

"The devil is destroyed, hell doesn’t exist, no condemnation for the chosen ones”

“I will be the President of the biggest government that this Earth has ever experienced.”
-- Jesus of South Florida

zaterdag 23 februari 2008

How to be more attractive

1. Believe in yourself.
2. Relax.

vrijdag 22 februari 2008

donderdag 21 februari 2008

Somebody wants you

Who could it be?

woensdag 20 februari 2008

People hate to see weakness

Don't be a wimp. Never show weakness. Unless strategically.

Zen and the Art of Divebombing

Or the Dark Side of the Tao.

dinsdag 19 februari 2008

Rejection won't kill you

It will improve you.

maandag 18 februari 2008

Do you think science is blasphemy?

Stupid question! Click question for possible answers.

How to handle fear of rejection

"People who operate out of fear of rejection:
Display little or no assertiveness."

zondag 17 februari 2008

I'm not a Loser

I'm a Lover. And a Rebel.

zaterdag 16 februari 2008

Rejection can bring about obsessive love

This is the key to understanding obsessive love.

vrijdag 15 februari 2008

donderdag 14 februari 2008

Unequal status leads to domination or slavery

Maintain high status. And be fair and benevolent.

woensdag 13 februari 2008

To have a purpose is to be secure

What is your purpose?

dinsdag 12 februari 2008

"He who cares less wins"

Not always.

maandag 11 februari 2008

zondag 10 februari 2008

zaterdag 9 februari 2008

Truly, indeed

"The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light."
-- Jesus of Nazareth, Luke 16:8 (NIV)

TI Graphing Calculator Emulator

I've been googling internet for emulation software and good old programs.
To download and try the TI-89 emulator click title.

vrijdag 8 februari 2008

People will test you all the time

Don't give out, don't give in, and don't give up.

donderdag 7 februari 2008

Virtual VCR 2.6.9

Virtual VCR is a free program that can capture video from old VHS tape recorders, TV Tuners, and Analogue Videocameras using a video capture card or PC TV tuner.
To download installer.

woensdag 6 februari 2008

Beauty is as real as money

As long as it lasts.

dinsdag 5 februari 2008

Power is the ability to think

And to decide. Or not to.

maandag 4 februari 2008

We choose how we feel

By choosing what we think.

zondag 3 februari 2008

Aikido: Tantodori Shihonage

Click title for some lessons.

zaterdag 2 februari 2008

How to use Virtualdub

Open the movie file, avi or mpg. Choose full-processing mode under video. Select compression. Always use one, preferably Divx. Install free codecs if not present. Choose direct stream copy under audio unless you want to change the audio compression. Use mp3 format, preferably. Save file as avi.
Use editing options and filters if necessary. To crop frame load brightness/contrast filter and crop as needed.
Virtualdub 1.7.7

vrijdag 1 februari 2008

Humans tend to influence one another

Unconsciously. Emotionally. Therefore be and look happy.

donderdag 31 januari 2008

The Second Coming Has Occurred and Tom Cruise is the New Messiah!

Click title for the Good News.

Life is not easy

So take it easy.

woensdag 30 januari 2008

It is very difficult to get rid of bad habits

And bad ideas. And beliefs. Don't be discouraged.

dinsdag 29 januari 2008

Confidence, over-confidence, hubris

Tone it down. But don't become intimidated. And don't be humble.

maandag 28 januari 2008

Fear is simply nature's way of protecting us from harm

Take action. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

zondag 27 januari 2008

People love power:

Money, status, intelligence, strength.

zaterdag 26 januari 2008

"Presence is much more beautiful than physical beauty"

I'm not sure about that. But does it matter?

vrijdag 25 januari 2008

You are beautiful no matter how you look

Beauty comes from self acceptance. Nobody is perfect.

donderdag 24 januari 2008

People can sense fear and weakness very easily

If you have shown weakness, try again.

woensdag 23 januari 2008

The Tao of Steve

Dex: "Steve is the prototypical cool American male. Y'know, I'm talking about Steve McGarrett, alright? Steve Austin, Steve McQueen. Y'know, he's the guy on his horse, the guy alone. He has his own code of honor, his own code of ethics, his own rules of living, man. He never, ever tries to impress the women but he always gets the girl."

How to succed with women:
1. Be desireless
2. Be excellent
3. Be gone

Click title for the movie script. I haven't seen the movie yet.

dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Brave, carefree, mocking, forceful

-- this is what wisdom wants us to be.
-- F. Nietzsche

maandag 21 januari 2008

God's Call Girl

Click tile for "Spirit of Things" transcript.

People have extremely fragile egos


zaterdag 19 januari 2008

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

Impermanence is permanent.

vrijdag 18 januari 2008

I'm a student

Not a pupil. Nor a scholar. Nor a follower. Nor a champion.

donderdag 17 januari 2008

Life is unfair

Bullies are everywhere.

woensdag 16 januari 2008

dinsdag 15 januari 2008

It takes two people to make a relationship work

Unfortunately. So don't sweat it.

maandag 14 januari 2008

People are looking for relationship

Don't be aggressive.

zondag 13 januari 2008

Favorites to HTML v:2.1.16

To convert your growing favorite links to one html file. To use, unzip and run program. Click enter and save the resulting html. To close, use Alt-F4.

Voodoo - You Tube

He's good!

zaterdag 12 januari 2008

vrijdag 11 januari 2008

Jung and Eckhart

Spirit of Things Podcast: Spiritual Classics.
Click title to hear or download mp3 directly.

How to deal with insults

Never take anyone seriously unless he is serious.

donderdag 10 januari 2008

We create ideals

Be realistic.

woensdag 9 januari 2008


What do you really know or don't know?

dinsdag 8 januari 2008

We're all fundamentally lazy by nature

We hate to change our habits.

maandag 7 januari 2008

zondag 6 januari 2008

Our minds make things up

We believe in things.

zaterdag 5 januari 2008

vrijdag 4 januari 2008

It's just a game.

Everyone yearns to be seduced. Everything is seduction.

donderdag 3 januari 2008

woensdag 2 januari 2008

The Riddle of Epicurus

If God is willing to prevent evil,
but is not able to
Then He is not omnipotent.
If He is able, but not willing
Then He is malevolent.
If He is both able and willing
Then whence cometh evil?
If He is neither able nor willing
Then why call Him God?

dinsdag 1 januari 2008

You are not the only enlightened being on this planet

Don't take yourself too seriously.

The more pain, the more gain.

This applies to learning.
Click here to play the video clip